A keen observer of the inner workings of Washington, D.C. for three decades, Tom Rosenstiel and is one of the most recognized thinkers on journalism and the intersection of media and politics in the country.

In 2017, with the debut of the widely acclaimed SHINING CITY by Ecco Press of Harper Collins, he began to bring those insights to fiction. The GOOD LIE (February 2019) is his second novel. He is currently working on his third.

The author of seven books of non-fiction before turning to crime fiction, he has written about politics, campaigns, Congress, culture, technology, journalism, media and ethics and has lectured and consulted on journalism extensively in the United States and overseas.  He is executive director of the American Press Institute, a think tank on making news sustainable, and a non-resident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

His book THE ELEMENTS OF JOURNALISM, written with former New York Times bureau chief Bill Kovach, has been translated into 25 languages worldwide and has been hailed as “the most important book on the relationship of journalism and democracy published in the last fifty years” (Poynter), and one of the five "essential books" on journalism (Wall Street Journal).


Previously, Rosenstiel founded and for 16 years directed the Project for Excellence in Journalism and was a co-founder of the Pew Research Center.

He was press critic at the Los Angeles Times for a decade, a Washington correspondent for The Times, a commentator on media for MSNBC, and chief congressional correspondent for Newsweek and a reporter for Jack Anderson's Washington Merry Go Round. He also worked at the Peninsula Times Tribune and the Country Almanac in his hometown in Woodside, California.