Peter Rena is a Washington “fixer" who earns his living making the problems of the powerful disappear. He and his partner Randi Brooks get their biggest job to date when the White House hires them to vet the next nominee for the Supreme Court.

Federal appeals Court Judge and former Stanford Law dean Roland Madison is a legal giant but also a political iconoclast and neither party is happy. As the competing factions of Washington mobilize, Rena, Brooks and their team uncover a secret in the judge’s past. And as they try to contend with it, another crisis emerges from a case the judge once presided over.   

Shining City is a heart-pounding thriller and a novel of Washington intrigue, full of insight about the capital and the forces that make the political process dysfunctional. Michael Connelly has called it "a debut that will be remembered for years."



When a shadowy American diplomatic complex is attacked in North Africa, the White House is besieged by accusations of incompetence and wild conspiracy theories. Eager to learn the truth, the president and his staff turn to Peter Rena and his partner, Randi Brooks.

The investigators dive headfirst into the furtive world of foreign intelligence and national security, hoping to do it quietly. That becomes impossible, though, when it blows up into an all-out public scandal: Congress opens hearings and a tireless national security reporter publishes a bombshell esposé.

Now, Rena and Brooks are caught in the middle. The White House wants to prevent debilitating fallout for the president, the military appears to be in shutdown mode, the press is hungry for another big story, and rival politicians are plotting their next move.