Shining City is an amazing novel full of insider knowledge and insights that could have only come from a writer who has been there. I don’t mean just inside the Beltway; I mean inside the places of power and justice. Combine that with a plot that pulses with the momentum of an edge-of-your-seat thriller, and Tom Rosenstiel delivers a debut that will be remembered for years.”

— MICHAEL CONNELLY, author of The Wrong Side of Goodbye

“If they’d asked John Grisham to pen a season of House of Cards (not a bad idea, by the way), it would play like Shining City. Tough, smart, nuanced, and with a hammer pace....Pick up this book. Read it. You’ll love it.”

— MICHAEL HARVEY, author of Brighton



 “Shining City is a smart, timely thriller that sends chills up your spine while capturing the verisimilitude of a ripped-from-the-headlines Supreme Court nomination process. Tom Rosenstiel is a writer to watch.”

— ALAFAIR BURKE, author of The Ex