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In this sequel to Shining City, political fixers Peter Rena and Randi Brooks are summoned again by President James Nash. This time a popular but iconoclastic U.S. general has been killed in a terrorist incident in Africa. The House and Senate, controlled by the other party, are out for blood. The press is suspicious.

Worried his generals might not be leveling with him, President Nash asks Rena and Brooks to investigate what happened under the auspices of the White House counsel, away from the prying eyes of Congress. They quickly find themselves stonewalled, and behind the wall some kind of coverup. Investigative reporter Jill Bishop at the Washington Tribune is equally suspicious, and she keeps breaking new revelations. Meanwhile, in Congress Democrats trying to protect the president seem no more concerned with the truth than Republicans trying to hurt him.

Rena and Brooks are caught in the middle—and ultimately find a truth that perhaps needs to remain secret.