Shining City

Peter Rena is a Washington “fixer.” He and his partner, Randi Brooks, earn their living making the problems of the powerful disappear. They get their biggest job yet when the White House hires them to vet the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court.

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Political fixer Peter Rena, who earns his living making the problems of the powerful disappear, is hired by the President to vet and confirm the next nominee for Supreme Court.

Appellate Court Judge Roland Madison, the former dean of the Stanford Law School, is a legal giant. He’s also, however, a political iconoclast, whose views don’t fit the ingrained ideological patterns dividing the country. That’s why the President wants him. It also makes a difficult confirmation process more complicated. 

“Amazing. . . . Pulses with momentum. . . . A debut that will be remembered for years.”

— Michael Connelly

As Rena and his partner Randi Brooks uncover his colorful past, the competing factions of modern Washington mobilize with frightening intensity: ambitious senators, suspicious journalists and self-serving “public interest” groups on both sides of the aisle.

Then Rena realizes a string of seemingly random murders are connected to the judge. As the two drama’s converge, Rena and his colleagues must keep the Judge safe, the nomination intact, and the political wolves away. 

Keep your friends close but your political enemies closer.

Library Journal, starred review

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