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In his career as a journalist, press critic and media researcher, Tom Rosenstiel has written about politics, campaigns, Congress, culture, technology, journalism, media and ethics and has lectured and consulted on journalism extensively in the United States and overseas.

He is the winner of the Goldsmith book Award from Harvard, four Sigma Delta Chi Awards for Journalism Research from SPJ and four awards for national for media criticism from Penn State. He has been named a fellow of the Society of Professional Journalists, the organization’s highest honor, the Honor Medal for Distinguished Service in Journalism from the University of Missouri Journalism School, the Dewitt Carter Reddick Award for Outstanding Professional Achievement in the Field of Communications from the University of Texas at Austin, and the Columbia Journalism School Distinguished Alumni Award.

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American Press Institute

During his tenure as executive director (2013 – 2021), Tom and a new team at API transformed the organization into a resource of new ideas for journalists to navigate the 21st century. That work includes:

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