Praise for Oppo

Oppo is a relentlessly entertaining and masterfully constructed Washington thriller. Rosenstiel nails the intense work of a campaign in crystalline detail. This is a riveting story of D.C. intrigue made for our time.

— Jessica Yellin, author of Savage News and creator of #NewsNotNoise

Tom Rosenstiel’s Oppo is a terrifying and fascinating deep-dive into the world of political opposition research and dark money. He writes about the subject with great insight and authority, while at the same time telling a tight, compelling story filled with sharply-drawn characters. A first-rate page-turner that’s both gripping and illuminating.”

— Lou Berney, author of November Road

Oppo is that rarest of books, a Washington thriller that’s genuinely thrilling and gets Washington right.  It’s a suspenseful masterclass in the modern American political campaign—and best of all, offers an ending with some hope about our system.

— Joseph Finder, New York Times bestselling author of House on Fire

Oppo is about as timely as political thrillers come… Vivid. . . . Rosenstiel reimagines our headlines in newly nightmarish ways. . . . He effectively renders wild political times.” 

— Washington Post

A book that offers the double pleasure of an exciting story and new knowledge…Will appeal to all lovers of quality political thrillers.

— Library Journal

This smart and provocative novel evokes the work of political-thriller master Ross Thomas.

— Booklist

Timely. . . . Rosenstiel’s fiction aims to offer background and insights on how Washington works in increasingly divisive and tense times. . . . Political junkies and those who aspire to be should take note.

— Associated Press

Political observation in a thriller’s guise…admirable and sharp…Rosenstiel clearly connects the dots….

— Kirkus

Oppo will have you hooked from the beginning. With its realistic plot…it will make you think hard about what you’ve been led to believe about the inside scoop of politics.

— Woodbury Magazine

Measured but also passionate… enjoyable, intelligent … you will find much to like in this series. Recommended.

— Civilian Reader

Rosenstiel has written a great novel…with great characters….The political thriller gets no better.

— Red Carpet Crash

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